Saturday, March 18, 2017


Well, I did it!!

They called later in the day and said the clouds had lifted and we could go skydiving if we wanted.

So, Tiff and I headed out to Skiatook - a town about 20 minutes from Tulsa.

We had to go thru an orientation and we suited up. 

Geared up and ready to fly.

I was a little shocked at how small the plane was.

We flew tandum - with an instructor on our back.  It took us 20 minutes to get to 10,000 feet and 6 minutes to dive.  I didn't like the free fall out of the plane at all.  But, once the parachute opened, it was fantastic.  I lost my glasses somewhere along the way.

Tiff chose to wear a jump suit.  I didn't cause I had on jeans.

It's 30 degrees cooler at 10,000 feet.  But the temp outside was 80 so it wasn't bad at all.

We got certificates and applause! 

The crew at Skydive Airtight were fabulous.  They were so good at making you feel as comfortable as you possibly could and making sure you understood everything.  The divers had cameras on their wrist bands and took pictures all the way - some 400.

So, I marked one more thing off of my Bucket List.  I am glad I did it and it was very exciting but


When I get the video I will share with you.

Enjoy your weekend.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Today's My Birthday!!

Thanks to all of you for your comments!!  And yes,


However, the cloud coverage is too low and we could not jump today so we have to reschedule.  DARN!!

So, Bella and I wish you a 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Thursday, March 16, 2017

Do You Have a Bucket List?

So, do you have a Bucket List?  A list of things you would like to do in your lifetime?  Well, I do!!

You might find this boring but be sure to read it all and enter a guess in the comments.

My Bucket List:

Cruise to Caribbean ( 4 times)
Zip Lining
Los Angeles
Key West
Amish Country
Disney World
Queen Mary
*New York
See Space Shuttle Launch
See Space Shuttle Land
Las Vegas
Fort Lauderdale
Palm Springs, CA
Hershey, PA
Interior Design Degree
New Orleans
Seaside, FL
Garth Brooks Concert
Being Published 
Having a Dollhouse

So, I have been very blessed in that I have done most of the things on my Bucket List.  The ones with an * are things I have not done yet.

So, guess what I am doing tomorrow on my 73rd birthday!!

Just guess!!

Check in with you tomorrow and see who guessed right.

Have a great day!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Enjoying the Beauty While I Can

My yard is abloom (is that a word?) with everything popping up out of the ground.  Yesterday was 85 degrees and the Saturday morning temp is suppose to be 25 degrees.  YIPES!  What are these plants suppose to think?

Anyway, went out and took a few photos of what's going on in my yard...

the Redbud tree is just beginning to bud out.

So hopefully, the freeze won't kill everything.

Won the cutest tote bag from Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage.  Is is so SPRINGY!  Thanks Kris.

Put a pretty blue wreath on the front porch.

This last week I had a new sidewalk poured.  It is so nice.  The old one was cracked and uneven and was really a danger to everyone so, I replaced it.

Don't think I ever told you all the story behind my Toyota Rav 4.  

The day before John passed away, we had been out looking at cars.  We had decided this was the one we wanted.

Several weeks after John passed, I was sorting out some things and in his nightstand by his bed was an envelope.  It said "Judy - for your car".  I opened it and there was cash to pay for the car.  I, of course, cried and never knew how long it had been there.

I was so blessed to have John for so many years and he always took such good care of me.  He still to this day provides for me in amazing ways.  I miss him so.  But, I am so blessed and thankful for the time I did have with him.  He was a wonderful Christian man.

Now on to happier things...

Bella is wanting to try out for the Cadbury Egg Bunny.  Her only problem is she can't leave the eggs alone.  Of course, I know chocolate is very dangerous for dogs and don't let her have it.  But the smell drives her crazy.

Enjoy the weekend.



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